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IRS Expertise


No one wants to face the IRS alone. If you are having problems with the Internal Revenue Service, either IRS audit or IRS collection, let us represent you. Unlike other firms making false promises and taking large fees up front, our IRS Certified Acceptance Agents will objectively evaluate your situation and provide you with a realistic opinion of your chance of success. With Jack Cohen’s experience as a retired IRS manager who was #1 in IRS Large Corporate Audits in 2006, he understands the IRS system and underlying legislation thoroughly from ‘insider’ experience. Let our experience work for you and make sure you are properly represented.


If you owe the Internal Revenue Service money, it is imperative that you take action to resolve the debt as soon as possible. If the IRS is threatening to levy your wages or assets, you must take immediate action to avoid this from occurring. The Internal Revenue Service will not stop attempting to collect; ignoring notices you receive from them is not the answer. We can represent you in dealing with the IRS, negotiating installment agreements and resolving your collection problems. He will discuss your specific situation with you and determine the best approach to take in resolving the debt.


A taxpayer who represents him or herself in any audit situation is making a huge mistake. Jack knows from his ‘insider’ experience that taxpayers are no match for IRS agents. Most accounting and tax preparation firms have little contact with the IRS, so are no match for them either! Beware of firms claiming to have the experience and knowledge to represent you in a winning case. You may find it ends up taking forever, amasses large hourly fees and that you just end up in the same position as you were months before! Our objective is to resolve your IRS audit expeditiously to reach a successful conclusion. We will evaluate your situation and provide an opinion as to possible outcomes. Your IRS issues will be resolved with as little time and cost as possible.


If you are an investor who has been bilked in “ponzi” types of investment schemes, you may be entitled to a theft loss that is fully deductible in the year of the loss. The IRS has issued definitive rules on how these investments are to be treated for tax purposes. Our qualified professionals can prepare amended returns that adhere to the IRS directives and can get your refund in a very short time frame, in some cases, as soon as 90 days after filing. (IRS code section 172).


Do not be fooled by the many advertisements promising to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar. The fact is that the Internal Revenue Service accepts a very low percentage of offers in compromise. These advertisers will take your money with no guarantee of success. In order for an offer in compromise to be accepted, there are clear rules used by the Internal Revenue Service to determine eligibility. We know the rules. Let us evaluate your situation objectively and determine whether this strategy will work for you and result in a successful conclusion.