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Achieving Tax Efficiency

Perhaps it’s time to consider our firm?

Have you ever felt that the person doing your tax preparation simply uses a production-line mentality with the sole objective of completing your tax return before the deadline? Is little or no thought given to identifying ways that reduce your overall tax impact? Then perhaps it’s time to consider our firm.

Does your tax prep-per outsource your return to another country? Have you specifically asked them the question? If you think this may have happened to you, then perhaps it’s time to consider our firm.

Have you asked your current representative exactly the number of dealings they have had with the Internal Revenue Service in the past few years and what results were achieved? The IRS actually examines a low percentage of filed returns, so most small business accounting and tax preparation firms have little or no experience in dealing with this situation. If you ever get a “come on down” letter from the IRS, perhaps it’s time to consider our firm. Our IRS Certified Acceptance Agents have the knowledge and experience to deal with these scenarios.

Ever considered the many advertisements you see promising to settle for pennies n the dollar? Don’t be fooled. Offer in compromise is right only in certain situations and the IRS rejects the vast majority. If you pay one of the firms advertising great results, do not be surprised when your offer in compromise is rejected and your fee is gone. If you owe the IRS, perhaps you should consider our firm.

Did your accountant feel your pain when you had to write out that big check to the Internal Revenue Service or State Taxing Authority? If not, then perhaps it’s time to consider our firm.

Does your business entity provide optimum tax efficiency?

Whether you are just starting a business, or are already well established, planning your entity and tax structure is a critical part of achieving the lowest effective tax rate for both you and your company.

For those who are not incorporated, doing so in Nevada provides asset protection as well as the potential for significant tax benefits compared to being a sole proprietor. We can explain why incorporating in Nevada should be a major consideration and how our sister company, Your Nevada Corporate Solutions, can help you to do so.

We can explain the different tax benefits that exist in the various types of business entities; you might be surprised what an impact a corporation versus an LLC can have on your tax liability. The choice of entity is not a “one-size-fits-all” situation, but rather a carefully measured decision based on the facts and circumstances surrounding your company. A one-to-one dialogue is essential and, more often than not, this type of discussion does not take place in most companies that provide online incorporating.