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Special meeting with Q&A for our clients and friends to answer (as best we can) your questions and provide guidance in these unprecedented times dealing with COVID-19. This meeting will especially help business owners trying to find their best options during Coronavirus.

During this online meeting we cover:

  1. IRS – Special Payment Relief
  2. SBA – Disaster Assistance Loans (get in line with an application ASAP if you might need this)
  3. Families First Coronavirus Response Act

There are some opportunities we can all take to help protect our businesses and our families from an economic standpoint during this Coronavirus pandemic.
We all have options and actions we can take right now to not just survive this crisis but to come out as strong as possible.

Financial Relief / Aid Resource page for COVID-19

If your question is not answered during this presentation and Q&A please contact us with your question here or ask your question in the comments below.

Get the latest updates from the April 1st web meeting here